Windsurfing has led me to travel the world and meet a lot of people. I love this job so much that if I could afford it I would do it for free, I was extremely lucky to make my passion my work, and my office has an enviable view! – Andrea Facchin

I’m Andrea, I started windsurfing relatively late, at the age of 18, in the summer of 1993, at my cousin Carlo’s center, the Windsurf School Tornado.In the summer of 1994, after graduation, I spent a “sabbatical season” in Bibione, where I practiced windsurfing every day. I was improving in the water and trying to steal any suggestion that the instructors gave to the students on the beach, so that at the end of the season I was starting to help with teaching beginners.

A passion was born: the contact with the elements of nature (wind, water and waves) had given me immense well-being and I wanted to share this well-being with everyone. In the seasons from 1995 to 1997 I worked at my cousin’s school. In 1998 he and I founded a company and purchased another center (which we called Tornado and which I managed) 500 meters from Carlo’s one. Together we continued to promote the windsurfing discipline by collaborating as a Tornado Team. In 2006 we grouped the two centers together, creating a single center; but for logistical reasons it did not follow through.

In 2012, due to erosion, I moved the center (westbound) to its current location. in the meantime, in addition to being a VDWS windsurfing instructor, I had also become a sailing and SUP instructor.

In the summer of 2019 also Carlo, due to space problems, moved (eastbound), so that the centers were further away from each other.

The collaboration continues to exist, but now the schools are two distinct entities. Hence the choice to find a new name for my center, and give it its own identity.

I introduce you the ALOHA watersports center in Bibione.

Why Aloha? Well, the reasons are many:

  • Aloha is the Hawaiian greeting, adopted by surfers, both when you meet and when you separate (it means hello, welcome, goodbye …) and is often expressed by showing the shaka, the fist with thumb and little finger stretched out;
  • in Hawaiian Aloha means affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy;
  • Aloha Spirit identifies that tranquility and serenity that I try to keep and spread in the center.


I take this opportunity to thank all those who in all these years have believed in me and helped me, and I hope they will continue to follow me! Mahalo!