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Windsurfing is one of the best sports in the world because it is ecological, not very traumatic and puts us in close contact with elements such as wind and water: it is a sport that teaches us to love nature.

That is sailboard. Experience the thrill of flying on the sea feeling in harmony with the elements, feeling one with the wind and the water.

Yes, because it is our body that unites and gives strength to the whole sail and board, in contrast to the other sailing boats, where we are partially “helped” by the equipment. In windsurfing the wind is discharged directly on the arms, on the legs, its energy is combined with that of the surfer and through him passes to give the motion to the board, directly.


It doesn’t matter whether you are young or you feel young inside, whether alone or accompanied! Eeveryone can do it, and everyone is welcome: just bring your swimsuit and a good mood. Our courses are taught by professional windsurfing instructors, recognized by the VDWS qualified in teaching at all levels, from children to adults, they will make you feel the joy of gliding on the water with ease. Children will have an easy and fun approach with sails and boards suitable for them. Particular attention is also given to women, who can use our light and easily maneuverable rigs (sails complete with masts and booms). All under the constant supervision of the instructors who will be in the water with you. A simulator will help you learn the various techniques, trying the various movements on the ground, with the help of the instructor, so that they are carried out correctly. In addition, the beach of Bibione, with its sandy bottom and the shallow water for several meters, is ideal and safe for both beginners and pros. Light sails and wide boards have facilitated learning for 5 years already!

Theory when needed:

theory without practice does not make sense: you receive information when you need it, only in this way you learn tenably and effectively. All possible practice, all necessary theory.

All courses include life jackets, wetsuits (if necessary) and liability insurance.


Children from 5 years learn to windsurf by playing; it is taught with particularly light equipment dedicated to them.


The beginners course will allow you to have fun with windsurfing independently with medium/light wind.
corso principianti windsurf


At our center we offer several advanced courses: you can improve tacks and jibes or dedicate yourself to some …


A wide choice of boards and sails are available for all levels, from beginner to advanced, for children and adults. Possibility to rent hourly or to buy a 10-hour ticket to be divided as you wish according to your needs.

1 HOUR 14,00 €
10 HOURS 110,00 €