I learned to windsurf in 1993 and in 1998 I started running a center. Practicing this sport led me to travel the world and meet many people. Basically I started doing this job to make others feel the sensations that made me fall in love with this sport, to transmit the passion and respect for the sea and nature in all its facets. Over the years that passion has not decreased, it is indeed increased so, beside windsurfing, I introduced other disciplines: not only sailing, but also SUP and kayaking. Everyone can find the one most suitable for him, to practice outdoor activities in contact with the sea!

The biggest reward? To see the smile, that enthusiastic smile, printed on the face of a pupil as he surfs or when he returns ashore exhausted!

Aloha Watersports Center is situated in the central beach of Bibione , metropolitan city of Venice, rich not only of hotels but also of apartments. It benefits from all types of services: kiosks, restaurants, children’s play areas with entertainment and free showers. You can either rent an umbrella near the sea or use your own in the free area, as well as lay your beach towel by the seashore. In the vicinity of the beach there are both numerous paid parking lots and 500 meters away, by the Luna Park, there is a big parking of which is free.


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