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Are you looking for new perspectives? Try to stand on the water! SUP is easy and fun, suitable for everyone and also good for health!

Totally relaxed sliding across the sea on a board, paddle in hand, happily gazing into the distance. SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is the new sport that is exploding in all the seas and lakes of the world!

It is a sport that, thanks to the wide and stable boards, all people of any age, build and weight, can do, having fun and keeping fit. Practicing SUP is a simple exercise that combines balance, strength and endurance that are exercised whether you are paddling or simply standing on your board, and all in the best gym: in contact with nature. It involves feet, legs, back, abs, pectorals, shoulders, arms and neck.

Once you try it, you will be fascinated. You can learn this sport with our qualified instructors. There are several disciplines:

  • Cruising (paddling in tranquility on rivers, canals, lakes or the sea);
  • Wave (surfing the waves);
  • Racing (speed races);
  • SUP Yoga;
  • you can even use it to go fishing!

In the United States, therapists prescribe it as a good back therapy.
It’s fun and …
… at the same time an excellent exercise for the body and mind.

If you don’t feel ready for all this, consider kayaking!


Held by qualified instructors (VDWS), we offer a personalized program on the student’s skills.

For beginners we first teach the basics of material, safety, balance on the board and the use of the paddle. So, after a short briefing on the beach, we will go into the water to learn how to maintain balance on the board and to paddle.

For the advanced, who have purchased safety on the board, the arguments are different: we improve the paddling technique to increase efficiency and decrease energy expenditure

  • techniques for turning in less space
  • learning or improving the surfstance
  • J & C stroke
  • Crossbow turn
  • Kickturn & much more

“SUP TOUR” (autonomy on the board is required)

  • Fullmoon” Tour
  • Sundowner” Tour
  • Sun rising” Tour


A wide choice of boards and paddles are available, from beginner to advanced, for children and adults. Possibility of hourly rental.
1 HOUR 12,00 €