Often, in order to rent sports equipment, a certification is required to certify that you are able to safely practice that sport! The VDWS license is internationally recognized and certifies that the owner is able to practice the sport independently, knows the rights of way, and the maneuvers to be carried out in case of emergency situations. To achieve it, in addition to the practical part, you must study a manual and pass a written exam.
VDWS (Verband Deutschen Wassersport Schulen – German association of schools for watersports) is an association born in Germany in 1974 to guarantee a standard in the learning of windsurfing disciplines (at the beginning) to which have been added sailing, catamaran, sup and kitesurf. At the moment it has 540 schools in more than 30 countries, all teaching according to the same directives.

In our center you can obtain the VDWS windsurfing, sailing & catamaran license and take the SUP course.

If anybody is interested, at our center we can train Watersport assistant,
“You are open minded and you like to be with people? You love to be outside and one of your skills is flexibility? Then 2-8 weeks of becoming a watersport assistant would just be perfect for you. Spend your school holidays in one of our watersportcenters to get to know the watersports business better.”
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