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Sailing is one of the oldest known means of transport: the first traces of boats blown by the wind date back to 6000 BC.

Sailing driven only by the force of the wind, adjusting the sails and realizing that the boat moves in full control, in harmony with the sea and nature is one of the most beautiful sensations that only a sailboat can give. To fully enjoy sailing, you don’t need to be a superwoman or a superman: just let yourself be lulled by the waves and have a minimum of idea about what happens on board and how to behave to make the cruise more pleasant.

Bibione beach, thanks to the constant breeze that blows every day, is ideal also for a ride on a sailing boat or, if you are not capable, to learn!

People ask me a lot if it is better to start with windsurfing or sailing, or if windsurfing is better than sailing …
my answer is always that there is the same difference between basketball and volleyball: both are team sports and are played with your hands and a ball, but they are different! Everyone has to find his own … In my opinion windsurfing is more “physical”, “sanguine”, while sailing is more “technical”.

Our fleet includes both O’pen Bic and catamarans, and all boats are available for rental (accompanied for those who do not know how to sail on the catamaran) and for lessons kept by VDWS instructors!


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