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The catamaran is seen as a relaxing and suggestive way to experience a beach holiday, but it is not always the case!

Catamaran means fun and new sensations. The catamaran is a very sporty boat, but its use is still fast and easy to learn. The strengths of sailing on the catamaran are clearly its speed and sportiness.

We have an RS cat 16 catamaran and a Phantom 16 available, both easy and fast to navigate either alone or in company. Both bring up to 4 people and are available for hire, with attendant if needed, or for lessons.

There is the possibility of making ACCOMPANIED EXCURSIONS for a maximum of 3 people per boat (plus escort)



We offer

  • a wide range of courses for beginners and advanced;
  • Different levels, the course is tailored to the student. Topics covered: courses, tacking, jibe, starting and mooring, uprighting if capsizing, recovery of man overboard, optimization of weight distribution and sails adjustment and much more.
  • Possibility of obtaining the VDWS license.

Duration: 4 hours (lessons of 2 hours each).

For beginner courses it is advisable to have at least 2 participants as the boat has 2 sails (mainsail and jib) which must be managed by 2 people, who can alternate in roles (bowman and helmsman).

The lessons take place in the water, but each class includes some theory to consolidate the practice.


1   hour   35,00 €


1   hour   60,00 €