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With the best surf gear and well-trained instructors, the start is a no-brainer!

Want to catch a glimpse of the windsurfing feeling?


Corresponds to the first two hours of the beginner course. If you are not sure if you are suitable for this sport or if you will like it. With our proven and highly experienced teaching method, you will be able to take your first steps on the board at the end of the lesson, sailing in light winds. At the beginning, the coordination between yourself, the board, the sail and the wind requires a lot, but once you have overcome this first obstacle, you experience a feeling that is simply indescribable: to move without noise with the wind on the water. At the end of the lesson you can then decide whether to continue with the course by paying the difference.

2h → 50,00 €


The beginners course will allow you to have fun with windsurfing independently with medium/light wind. After a quick introduction on the beach to learn the first names and the first movements on the simulator you go into the water. At the beginning we work in shallow water close to the shore and then further offshore, always followed by instructors. At the end of the course we guarantee independence with the windsurf in light / medium wind conditions. The goal of the course remains water practice and fun while surfing.

At the end of the course a SKILL LEVEL BOOK is released in which the levels reached and the maneuvers learned will be updated.

And if you want to complete your course in the best way, you can get the VDWS international license.

Objectives and teaching methodology:

  • You are taught to start, turn, the different courses with the optimal position of body and sail;
  • target is to be able to go, surf independently and return to the starting point in light / medium winds;
  • thanks to the best surf equipment available to us and well-trained instructors, the start will be a “no-brainer”;
  • remember that everyone can learn to windsurf at any age;
  • no previous knowledge required. Non swimmers please let us know in advance!
  • to follow you in the best way the groups will never be too numerous.

8 h → 165,00 €

For residents in the area there is the possibility of diluting the course over several weekends or days to be agreed.

For those with limited time, we offer a 5-hour course that can be done in 2/3 days (without a license).

5 h → 115,00€